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Wholleness Energy Therapy

Wholleness Energy Therapy


At Wholeness Energy Therapy, we are dedicated experts here to guide you and your beloved pets on a transformative journey toward living your best life. Using a combination of powerful modalities including The Emotion Code, we unlock the potential underlying energetic causes that may be holding you back mentally, emotionally, and physically. By establishing a profound connection with your energy body and utilizing muscle testing, we gain access to the hidden wisdom of your subconscious mind and body, unveiling incredible insights into your overall well-being.

Session Info

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1-on-1 Consultation, Online Video Chat

Experience the convenience of a personalized session right from the comfort of your own space, regardless of your location in the world. Through a secure and confidential video chat, you have the opportunity to connect with our skilled practitioners, engage in meaningful discussions about your needs, receive expert guidance, and begin your transformative journey toward emotional and physical well-being.

If in-person or live chat isn't convenient, we also offer remote sessions. You can go about your daily routine while still benefiting from our personalized care and support to achieve your goals.

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Energy Therapy for Humans

Unresolved emotions are one of a few items that hold the key to blocking your energy flow, leading to a range of physical and emotional discomforts. Through our expert techniques, we will expertly guide you on a transformative path to uncover and release these trapped emotions and more, ultimately liberating you emotionally and nurturing a profound sense of overall well-being.

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Energy Therapy for Pets

Pets also experience unresolved emotions that can impact their behavior and overall well-being. Our compassionate and gentle approach is specifically designed to assist your beloved furry companions in releasing emotional burdens. Through our tailored energy healing techniques, we create a secure and nurturing environment for emotional release, enabling your pets to embrace greater emotional freedom and find true happiness.

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In-Person Wagga Wagga Consultation

If you prefer an up-close and personal experience, we offer the chance to meet our skilled practitioners in Wagga Wagga, NSW. We'll arrange a meeting at a mutually agreed location, allowing for a stronger and more intimate connection. This ensures that you receive the utmost care and support as we work together to promote your emotional and physical well-being.

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Session Overview

At Wholeness Energy Therapy, each session is tailored for your holistic well-being, below are some of the areas we work in:

Blocks and Walls: We release energetic barriers from past traumas, emotions, or beliefs, fostering a balanced energy flow.

Emotions: Our targeted healing identifies and releases trapped emotions like insecurity, anxiety, sadness, and more.

Energy Body Rebalance: Techniques like energy clearing, balancing, and alignment address body processes, organs, chakras, and meridians for overall wellness.

Agreements: We remove unconscious contracts and ingrained patterns, aiding personal growth and transformation.

Programs: Identifying and removing limiting thought patterns and behaviors empowers you to create positive, healthy life patterns.

Soul Contracts: We release spiritual agreements that no longer serve you, facilitating personal and spiritual evolution.

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The Processing Period After a Session

After a session, your body undergoes a processing period to assimilate energetic changes. This period varies in duration and experience from person to person:

Duration: Typically lasts two to three days, though it can vary based on sensitivity and session intensity.

Symptoms: You may experience a range of sensations and emotions, from fatigue to heightened energy, as your body adjusts.

Support During Processing:
To aid your well-being during this time:

Hydration: Drink plenty of water to support energy processing.

Rest and Nutrition: Ensure adequate rest and nourishment to aid recovery.

Movement: Gentle exercise such as yoga or walking can help move energy through the body.

Self-Care: Listen to your body's needs and nurture yourself accordingly.

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Session Pricing

Your First Session: $70

Subsequent Sessions: $170

Pet Sessions: $85

Need Assistance with Special Pricing?
Please give us a call or email us, We're here to help!

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Words from Our Clients

“I used to battle really feeling gratitude from the heart, after my session with Andrew I immediately felt a huge difference. I now feel lighter, I feel more love, appreciation and gratitude. It no longer comes from a 'knowing', from my head but now it comes from deep down in me, from my inner being, my heart. I am really feeling it!
Monika R, Poland

Monika R, Poland


My father feels a lot better - calmer and he says he feels he understands people's words and feelings more without misunderstanding. My mother says it’s been a huge change. I was wondering about the heart wall also and was surprised to see them released. Amazing!! He initially felt unwell, following the session but much happier since. Thank you again.
Ellie, Australia

Ellie, Australia


Andrew!!! Thanks so much! My joint pain was severe I don’t feel it any more! 😲



Wholeness Energy Therapy is life transformation healing therapy and has helped me heal many areas of my life.

They have released all my outdated, old & useless emotions & I feel at peace and light and I am now able to enjoy life.

Most of the mental wars have. ended.

Their ability to release emotions in bulk is very unique.

Miracles, India


I had a trial session with Andrew a few days ago. He was lovely and approachable. I was curious about this method. The pain I focused on in the session has dissolved to beat nothing the last few days and I've found myself having a better posture. I plan to do a few more sessions to keep peeling the layers

Suzy, Australia


Thanks so much! Sophie's belly is normal again and she plays like a puppy. She is happy and energetic in a way I've not seen her before. Thank you so much for your help! 😀



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Katana VentraIP

My Journey to Wholeness

Reflecting on my journey, I've learned that each of us follows a unique path. Life is about experiences that shape our growth. In my quest for better health, I've discovered the power of listening to my Body, Heart, and Soul's innate wisdom.

At Wholeness Energy Therapy, we honor your choices and support your unique path. Our sanctuary for individuals and pets focuses on gently releasing stuck emotions, rebalancing the body, and addressing agreements, programs, and Soul contracts that may hinder progress.

Thank you for considering Wholeness Energy Therapy as your partner on your path to wholeness. We're here with love and gratitude, ready to support you whether you seek a conversation or wish to schedule a session.

With love and gratitude,

Wholeness Energy Therapy