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Have you ever found yourself caught in the whirlwind of emotions, feeling like they're steering your life? You're not alone in that journey. We all carry emotional baggage, and when these feelings are left unattended, they can become lodged within us, impacting our overall well-being. Over time, the lingering energy from unresolved emotions may even manifest as physical discomfort, disrupting the natural flow of our body.

At Wholeness Energy Therapy, we extend a warm invitation to explore a variety of specialised services crafted to support your well-being. Our offerings include Emotion Code Sessions, Heart Wall Sessions, and Pet Emotion Code Sessions. In addition, we delve into innovative approaches, working in harmony with your body's innate wisdom. We continually seek new methods to assist you, such as chakra clearing and resetting, as well as rebalancing the body systems, the removal of limiting agreements, programs, and soul contracts. Our exploration extends to areas like regression of past lives and more. Our ultimate goal is to develop sessions that offer comprehensive support on your journey.

To address these emotional landscapes, we provide the following types of sessions: Online Video Chat Sessions, Phone Call Sessions, Remote/Distance Sessions, and In-person meetings in Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650.

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We recommend taking a moment to watch the brief video below to gain insight into The Emotion Code, created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, the visionary behind this transformative modality.

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Words from Our Clients

“I used to battle really feeling gratitude from the heart, after my session with Andrew I immediately felt a huge difference. I now feel lighter, I feel more love, appreciation and gratitude. It no longer comes from a 'knowing', from my head but now it comes from deep down in me, from my inner being, my heart. I am really feeling it! 

 Monika R, Poland


My father feels a lot better - calmer and he says he feels he understands people's words and feelings more without misunderstanding. My mother says it’s been a huge change. I was wondering about the heart wall also and was surprised to see them released. Amazing!! He initially felt unwell, following the session but much happier since. Thank you again.

 Ellie, Australia


Andrew!!! Thanks so much! My joint pain was severe I don’t feel it any more! 😲



Thanks so much! Sophie's belly is normal again and she plays like a puppy. She is happy and energetic in a way I've not seen her before. Thank you so much for your help! 😀 


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