The Emotion Code Sessions

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to support you and your beloved pets in shedding emotional burdens that may be hindering you from living your best life. Our Emotion Code sessions are thoughtfully designed to cater to all age groups, with three different formats available.

You have the freedom to choose the session format that suits you best: whether it's an online session through a chat platform, a phone call, a remote/distance session, or an in-person meeting at a mutually agreed private location in Wagga Wagga.

During your session, we'll kick things off by delving into specific issues you'd like to address. Using muscle testing, we'll tap into insights from your subconscious mind and body responses.

In the days following the session, you might notice some side effects. It's recommended to take it easy during this period, allowing your body the time it needs to adjust and fully embrace the positive benefits of the session.

The Heart Wall Session

Have you ever felt the pain of a breaking heart, struggling to connect or sensing a closure to love? These emotions might be connected to what we call a Heart Wall.

A Heart Wall acts as an emotional barrier, shielding against pain, dulling heartache, and guarding against heartbreak. It's constructed from layers of trapped emotions, disrupting your energy field and potentially leading to disconnection and emotional numbness. Surprisingly common, about 93% of people, regardless of age, have one.

In our sessions, our focus is on gently releasing your Heart Wall, although the exact number of releases can vary. It's important to note that you might experience side effects for a few days post-session. Taking some time to rest during this period helps your body adjust and maximizes the benefits of the emotional release.

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